Gigatron is a TTL microcomputer that you can build yourself. What you need is the following:

  • The kit, containing the printed circuit board, all the electronic parts, a retro game controller, a full-color assembly manual also containing schematics and a soldering course and the shiny, mahogany colored, wooden case with plexiglass viewing window;
  • A soldering iron, solder and a multimeter;
  • Side cutters and optionally (but handy) some needle-nose pliers;
  • Something that provides USB power (laptop, USB charger, ..);
  • A VGA monitor (or a VGA-to-HDMI converter and an HDMI monitor);
  • A couple of hours to complete building the kit.

If you are interested in one, check out “Get one!” page for pricing and ordering information.

How it works

We have given in-depth talks at several hacker spaces. Here is one Walter did at Hackerhotel 2018 explaining both concept choices and design details.

Duration: 52m22s

For a PDF version of the slides and for more materials, check out the Tutorials section.

About us

Gigatron is a project by Marcel van Kervinck and Walter Belgers. If you want to get a kit, you can find all pricing and ordering information on Get one!

For general questions, feel free to drop us an e-mail at info@gigatron.io. We are also on Twitter, Hackaday and GitHub, all links are listed below.