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Gigatron as a kit

Are you interested in having your own Gigatron? We make it available (while stock lasts) as a do-it-yourself kit so you can make one yourself! The kit includes:

  1. All the electronic components (ICs, passives, LEDs, connectors, etc.)
  2. The printed circuit board (PCB)
  3. Software v4 programmed in the EPROM chip, with
  4. A cool retro game controller
  5. A mini-USB cable so you can power the Gigatron from a USB charger
  6. A shiny wooden box, custom designed to show off the Gigatron
  7. A full-color ring-bound manual with detailed steps describing how to assemble the Gigatron, a course in soldering, user instructions, hardware schematics and more!

  • We are adding a free version of the Gigatron PS/2 keyboard adapter “Pluggy McPlugface”, as shown below after assembly. It supports six international keyboard layouts: US, UK, German, French, Italian and Spanish.


The only tools you need for assembling the above are a soldering iron, solder, a multimeter and some patience. Have you never soldered before? Don’t worry, the assembly manual that comes with the kit will guide you through the whole process. You must be able to understand English, follow instructions and pay close attention to details when placing components. Successful soldering also requires good eye sight, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. You can take a look at the series of videos where Walter shows the whole process: from unboxing to playing games. Think of it as building a 150-piece LEGO kit. Step by step, you’ll get there.

If, after watching the videos, you’re still unsure, we recommend that you first test your soldering skills with a small project. For example, Conrad sells a little kit for practice. There is also a similar Velleman MK102 kit that you can buy at several places, such as Amazon. See the FAQ to read more on options if you’re not comfortable soldering one yourself.


The price for the complete kit is €159 excluding shipment.

The “Pluggy McPlugface” PS/2 keyboard adapter is included as a bonus.


We ship Gigatron kits by registered mail that includes tracking and insurance. Shipping rates are currently:

  • Netherlands: €9.00
  • Rest of Europe: €19.00
  • All other countries (USA, Canada, Australia, …): €29.00

If you order from outside the EU, please keep in mind that duties might be added by your country’s customs. These are normally collected separately by the courier. We don’t have control over that. So far, we didn’t get reports on any import duties charged for kits shipped to the United States.

If you’re in the Netherlands you can arrange to pick one up in Eindhoven where Walter lives.  Also, the HomeComputerMuseum in Helmond carries the kits in their museum shop. The museum is well worth a visit anyway!

Payment methods

If you are in Europe, the easiest and cheapest method is an international bank transfer without additional costs, thanks to IBAN and SEPA.

Bank transfer can be a bit expensive if you live outside Europe. So we also accept PayPal, but we must charge €10.00 to help cover for their fees.

Some buyers outside the Euro zone use the TransferWise broker service to make a bank transfer from their own bank account. They’re easy to use and have very reasonable fees and exchange rates, usually much better than a direct transfer.

Both PayPal and TransferWise accept credit cards.

How to order

You can order a kit by simply sending an e-mail to stating that you want to buy one (or a few…). Please include the following information:

  1. Your country and shipping address,
  2. Your chosen payment option (one of PayPal or bank transfer),
  3. And optionally your phone number for on the packing slip.

One of us will reply with a summary of the costs (as listed above) and payment instructions for your order.

Both of us have regular day jobs, so we can’t alway reply immediately. However, if we don’t seem to reply within one or two days, please check your spam filter.

In principle we always keep some stock so we can ship once we’ve received the payment. We typically make the trip to the post office once a week. In case we’re out of kits we’ll let you know when we expect to have new ones available. This will also be listed on this page (see below). We ship by registered mail with tracking. Once you have received your kit you can assemble it on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Available stock

We currently have all stock for shipping new kits  and we’re taking orders. Despite the Covid-19 situation, we can still ship weekly. Delivery to some countries might be delayed depending on the postal deliveries over there. Shipments within Europe seem to arrive without much delay, but deliveries outside Europe see at least a 6 week delay. We also pay a bit more due to increased shipping costs, but currently do not transfer these surcharges to you.

The stock will probably last until somewhere in July. After that, we will stop selling kits. If you still want one, you can source all the components yourself. We provide the PCB layout and all the software, but do not offer support on these builds.

Last update: May 28, 2020