Future of the Gigatron

We are nearing the end of our current stock of Gigatrons. I suspect stock will last for a few months from now. We have decided to stop selling kits once our current stock has been sold. For us, the Gigatron was always about inventing new things, understanding technology, designing, fine tuning, tinkering, and also about meeting like minded people. Making it into a kit had its own charmes. Packaging and sending out kits resembles a plain job too much, but was needed to create a community of people that would also want to design, understand and tinker.

That community now exists, and wonderful things have already come from it, both hardware and software. So we will stop selling and providing support in a few months. Does that mean you can no longer get a Gigatron? No, you still can, because the PCB layout, the schematics and the software have all been open sourced. The only thing you probably cannot get is the wooden case that we had tailor made for the Gigatron. Somewhere in July or August, the assembly manual and more will published on an open source license as well. We hope the Gigatron will live on!