We are in the process of turning the Gigatron in a kit that can be built by others. For this, I’ve made a full-colour booklet that contains a generic explanation about the electronic components used, a crash course in soldering and the actual instructions to build the Gigatron. It includes many pictures and describes how to perform tests during the building process. In the appendix, you will find the full hardware schematics.

Gigatron manual

With this manual, even less experienced people should be able to build their own Gigatron.

– Walter

2 Replies to “Manual”

  1. Hello.
    it is such a fascinating project!
    i have some experiences building 8bit kind of breadboard pcs but not with vga.
    I would like build a Gigatron like computer from scratch using bunch of remaining breadboards at home. Could you please give me the information?

  2. Hi,

    Thanks! We think it’s pretty fascinating too! Detailed design information can be found on the hackaday project page (check the log section). We have good news for kit buyers also: before going to the printer, we found we have space left so we decided to include the circuit diagram in the manual that comes with the kit. If you subscribe to the mailinglist we will announce when we are ready to accept orders and ship. We expect this is less than a month away from now.

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